Peter Karmanos could sell the Hurricanes, even if it means relocation

Back in April, Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos responded to low attendance figures and Quebec relocation rumors by stating the following: “The Hurricanes will not become the Nordiques and I can guarantee it.” Well Karmanos might not want to make any more guarantees, because he has reportedly decided to put the future of the Hurricanes in […]

This Week in NHL Stupid: You’re shooting at the wrong net!

Welcome once again to This Week in NHL Stupid, where we at Puck Drunk Love draft the silliness and the stupidity in hockey. And this particular week in NHL Stupid got off to a rip roaring start, as Nikolaj Ehlers scored the game winning goal on a sweet deflection …

Video: Evgeni Malkin hits his own goalie in the face with his stick

Penguins goalie Matt Murray might want to bail a little quicker when his teammates are fighting past the whistle. Last night’s disastrous loss to the Capitals had its cherry on top of their awful sundae with :23 left in the first period when Evgeni Malkin got into a post-whistle scrap with T.J. Oshie after Oshie […]

Video: Ryan Miller impersonates second baseman, makes crazy save

Ryan Miller was leaving the bench for an extra skater as the Canucks were down by two goals late on Thursday against the Red Wings. Miller reversed course as Henrik Zetterberg quickly bore down on the wide open net. What happened next resides on the border of ridiculous and sublime: I can’t tell if […]

Video: Max Domi drops Ryan Kesler with one punch

We knew from the beginning that Max Domi was a different type of player than his father Tie ever was, showing more skill in his pinkies than his father had in his entire career. But that doesn’t mean Max wasn’t paying attention to his dad’s old highlight reels. And he proved it when he faced off […]

This Week in NHL Stupid: Where’d everyone go?

Welcome to the fourth edition of “This Week in NHL Stupid” where we track stupidity from all facets of the league. Now I want to start by ranting on a couple of things that aren’t so much “eye-catching” as they are “brain-hurting”. No Games On Halloween So the obvious thing is that there’s a random […]

This Week in NHL Stupid: All I want for Christmas …

Welcome to Puck Drunk Love’s third installment of “This Week in NHL Stupid”, where we explore the world of stupid weekly in the National Hockey League. Now I want to start off with something that I consider to be pretty stupid, just not for the reason you think. On Tuesday, Lightning goalie Ben Bishop came […]

This Week in NHL Stupid: Where rules are rules only when we feel like it

Welcome to another edition of “This Week In NHL Stupid”, where we at Puck Drunk Love explore the hidden gems of stupidity around the league. We start by centering around rules. It’s always a good idea to follow them, especially when you’re a rookie trying to make it in the NHL. Islanders rook Matthew Barzal pushed […]

Video: Joe Thornton invades Blue Jackets post-game show

Sometimes people don’t understand that television personalities have a job to do. Jody Shelley is now a television personality, and he was just trying to do his job on Saturday night, which was analyze the Blue Jackets’ 3-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks. But when one of the Sharks is a former teammate, well […]

Loui Eriksson welcomes himself to Vancouver by scoring in his own net

Loui Eriksson had better hope that first impressions aren’t everything. He made his Vancouver Canucks debut against the rival Calgary Flames. Anything short of scoring an own goal would have probably been enough to fly under the radar and save himself from being the target of the fans’ ire. No. Nooooo, nooooo, nooooo, no. […]

This Week in NHL Stupid: Inaugural stupid edition

Welcome to the first edition of “This Week In NHL Stupid” where we at Puck Drunk Love highlight the not so smart in the hockey world. We would like to dedicate our very first edition to this minor league hockey fan, who currently leads the league in stupid.

5 NHL teams headed for a fall during 2016-17 season

Some teams are likely to rise from previous depths during a hockey season. But as those clubs move up, others have to take a fall. We discussed which teams are trending upwards in a previous post. Here, we’re taking a look at which NHL clubs will take a slide during the 2016-17 season. These five […]