OHL fan climbs glass, runs on ice, proves nothing besides own stupidity

Now that hockey has returned, fans have showed their appreciation and excitement in many ways. One minor league hockey fan went a little too far in Mississauga, as he climbed the ice and ran on to the ice during an OHL game against the Guelph Storm …


Not saying it would have been the right thing to do, but this looney toon is lucky that one of these minor leaguers didn’t teach him a lesson and knock him into next week. He could have been seriously hurt from that, let alone just falling onto the ice awkwardly. Luckily for him this doesn’t happen too often, because everyone on the ice was so confused that they didn’t know how to react to him.

And here’s video of what this guy did after he left your sight above:

Yes, ice is slippery. But not so slippery that this guy could slide all the way into the net. Kid is lucky to not be hurt badly. It just means he still has the mental capacity to think about whether it was worth it to be banned from hockey rinks for however long he will probably be banned for.