This Week in NHL Stupid: Inaugural stupid edition

Welcome to the first edition of “This Week In NHL Stupid” where we at Puck Drunk Love highlight the not so smart in the hockey world.

We would like to dedicate our very first edition to this minor league hockey fan, who currently leads the league in stupid.

Don’t worry, you’ll find a way to be stupid at an NHL game one day.

Chicago’s Own Goal

Down by two with under a minute to go, the Blackhawks pulled their goaltender in an attempt to mount a comeback against the Blues. To say it didn’t go well is an understatement.

Jeez, it wasn’t like they had Selke winners dogging them. That attempt at defense looked like it was just for show by the Blues. And they got a goal out of it.


So let me ask you: Did your favorite NHL team have a 4-1 lead five minutes into the third period, and then have an immediate power play … and then lose the game?

Well, the Carolina Hurricanes did. They gave up a shortie on that power play, gave up another goal, and then the tying goal with 1:29 left in the game.

Then this happened in overtime:

I have a feeling Winnipeg is going to do this to a couple more teams this year, but man it’s going to be a long, long season in Raleigh.

Andrew Shaw’s Slewpid Play

Remember when everyone was up in arms in this league about slew footing, and then it became passe in favor of head shots? Well dirty plays aren’t fads that come and go and featured on Entertainment Tonight. But Andrew Shaw has put the slew foot back en vogue:

So much intent … and in a 4-1 game with five seconds to play? Andrew, you have to be kidding me. You win the award for stupid this week.

Check back next week when we’ll have seven days of stupid to sift through.