A proposal to fix the World Cup of Hockey’s 7th and 8th team problem

International hockey has long had a bit of a problem when it comes to staging international tournaments: at any given time, there have only been at best, seven great hockey playing nations that could reasonably contend for a medal. Slovakia and the Czech Republic’s dropping off the world map in recent years in terms of […]

Mike Babcock was so mad at a referee, he asked Pierre McGuire for help

Mike Babcock and NBC’s Pierre McGuire often have a contentious relationship with their in-game banter. Whenever McGuire talks to Babcock, his disdain for the process can’t be hidden. However, after a terrible call on his team when Braden Holtby slipped and fell untouched in the first period… enemies united together to become friends. (

The NHL All-Star Game is coming to Nashville in 2016

The NHL All-Star Game is often maligned for its lack of competitive nature and how its almost transparently only held so the NHL can have another big event for its corporate partners nowadays. However, there are a few reasons to justify holding the game, even in 2014. One such motivation is the ability to showcase […]

28 things I like about hockey

Here on the internet, we are prone to cynicism, snark, and general outrage at the world we see around us. Sometimes that’s in direct conflict with the world of sports, which should be about wish fulfillment, entertainment, and the mix of beauty and brutality of athletic pursuits. Sometimes that direct conflict is because of sports. The fact […]

The NHL’s mobile app and NHL GameCenter are about to upgrade

You’ll be getting a lot more bang for your (nonexistent) buck on the NHL’s mobile platform this year. Starting today, the NHL has rebranded their iOS/Android app, NHL GameCenter as just the NHL app. NHL GameCenter (which comes with a bit of an update on desktop platforms this season) will maintain a presence within the […]

The script reverses completely in a tense Game 4

“Thank god for soft ice,” said Alain Vigneault, with the truest words spoken on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. In this space on Wednesday, I proclaimed that if the Rangers merely kept playing as they had been on Monday in the unjustly lopsided 3-0 beating they took in Game 3, they would win Game […]

Jonathan Quick finally steals one for the Kings

You could certainly argue this hasn’t been the postseason that Jonathan Quick would be most proud of. He’s at a mere .910 save percentage after a 32-save shutout in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final over the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. That said… he’s one win away from his second Stanley Cup, and […]

Gostisbehere golden in Union’s national title win

In what was as perfect an advertisement for college hockey as you could imagine, Union College — a small, liberal arts school in Schenectady, New York — defeated the mighty University of Minnesota 7-4 in the NCAA title game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Often championship games take a turn toward the more […]

NBC wonders who stole the Stanley Cup in new ad

The lore of the Stanley Cup is often used to promote the NHL, sometimes to the detriment of the stars of the game themselves. However, this year NBC has chosen to go the comedy route with its playoff spots. The effect is pretty solid. A 90-second trailer for the campaign, starring multiple NBC News staffers […]

Photo by: Brianne Bowen, Forbes

Minnesota leads a stacked NCAA Tournament field

Time for hockey to get in on its piece of March Madness. The NCAA Tournament is here. Brackets were announced by ESPN on Sunday afternoon, as the networks of The Worldwide Leader broadcast the entire tournament. Minnesota, Boston College, Union and Wisconsin were named the top four seeds in the tourney, as well as the […]

Three ideas to keep women’s hockey relevant until 2018

The loss by the ladies of team USA was worse, to me as an American fan.  It wasn't necessarily that women's hockey means more to me than men's hockey. It doesn't, though I do enjoy the U.S. women's team whenever I see them play. It's that I know that, for the two teams involved, this […]