Sadly, Justin Bieber is still Canadian and can therefore probably play hockey better than you

Justin Bieber, like a lot of celebrities, loves sports. He doesn’t really lay his loyalty with any particular team, but then again, neither do Kenny Chesney, Drake or Rihanna. His two favorite pastimes seem to be basketball and hockey, since its where we see him turn up most often. His Canadian roots, of course, mean that he has likely laced up skates once or twice or a hundred times in his life.

That means that when Justin Bieber is in LA, he is probably one of the better amateur hockey players available, as evidenced by this video.

I say kudos to the Bieber boy. One of the biggest celebrities on the planet is a hockey fan, and can play the game pretty well. I see no way in which this is a bad thing. When some terrible country band is picked as the intermission entertainment at the All-Star Game, it will seem like a waste of having a super-famous hockey fan.

Seriously though, Justin, get your life together. Keep your stick on the ice. Leave Selena Gomez alone.

About Steve Lepore

Steve Lepore is a writer for Bloguin and a correspondent for SiriusXM NHL Network Radio.