The NHL All-Star Game is coming to Nashville in 2016

The NHL All-Star Game is often maligned for its lack of competitive nature and how its almost transparently only held so the NHL can have another big event for its corporate partners nowadays. However, there are a few reasons to justify holding the game, even in 2014. One such motivation is the ability to showcase newer markets and show off what great fans the NHL has in all parts of America and Canada.

That’s why I’m legitimately excited that, on Friday, the NHL will announce the 2016 All-Star Game is headed to Nashville.

Nashvegas will be the perfect spot to host an NHL All-Star Game. You’ll have the league in a vibrant city with tons of young, impressionable customers. Players and media will be satiated by the terrific food, music and bar culture. We’ll get a shot of every elite NHL player in cowboy boots, at the very least.

Most importantly, the fans of Nashville (or Smashville) deserve this. Once considered a troubled franchise, the Predators are now a healthy club with a rabid cult fan base in the city. Their turnaround is one of the great stories of the post-lockout NHL. This is a worthy reward for that city and their fans. Looking forward to a Music City All-Star celebration in two years.

About Steve Lepore

Steve Lepore is a writer for Bloguin and a correspondent for SiriusXM NHL Network Radio.