You may never see a player like Alex Ovechkin ever again

1,000 points in 880 games. You don’t need me to tell you Alex Ovechkin is amazing. His play says so much by itself. His shot, his terrifying presence on the power play, his ability to get shots off from all over the ice, his combination of size and speed, of skill and physicality. He stands […]

Hockey topics we’d like to leave back in 2016

[link_box id=”22277″ site_id=”17″ layout=”link-box-third” alignment=”alignright”]The year is mercifully drawing to a close. The year 2016 wasn’t as unkind to the game of hockey as it was to celebrities, 3-1 leads or humanity in general. Still, there was plenty to complain about in the world of hockey this year. So naturally, there are a few things […]

On Evander Kane, Tyler Myers and a trade that has no real winners

Just about 22 months ago, the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres were the talk of the hockey world for a week or so after engaging in what was then considered a blockbuster trade. Less than two years later, the trade is looking more and more like a bust for both sides. It’s not a disaster […]

Can the Lightning withstand a lengthy Stamkos absence?

To start off with the obvious, it sucks for the Lightning to lose Steven Stamkos. There’s no doubt it hurts them. By any measure, he’s one of the league’s most prolific scorers. Since entering the NHL, he’s been second only to Alex Ovechkin in terms of scoring rate. Despite prior injuries, he reached 300 goals […]

Six NHL franchises that deserve a Cubs moment

Unless you’re just coming out of a coma (in which case, welcome back and thanks for reading!), you’ve probably heard the Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year World Series drought. The drought featured the worst types of sports cruelty – long stretches of irrelevance, broken up by fleeting periods of hope that often ended with crushing […]

Jack Eichel will miss the start of the season with a high ankle sprain

The Buffalo Sabres announced Wednesday afternoon that second-year star Jack Eichel will miss the start of the season with a high ankle sprain. While the Sabres haven’t set a timetable for his return, the injury generally takes at least four to six weeks to heal. The injury occurred in practice Wednesday morning when got tangled up […]

Hockey analytics movement continues to grow amid turbulent summer

The summer of 2014 changed the state of hockey analytics forever. A slew of teams brought on full-time stats guys in hopes of either catching up or getting ahead of the competition. Since then, there’s been some well-documented cases of things not working out between traditionalists and numbers guys. Most prominently, analytics consultant Matt Pfeffer […]

What do teams in the Pacific Division need to do this summer?

A flurry of activity has already been seen around the NHL this summer, but teams still have a long way to go before they’re ready to drop the puck in 2016-17. The PDL team is going to take a look around the league and examine each team to see where they’re coming from and what […]

Sidney Crosby’s long road back to the Cup

The NHL Marketing Department finally had its wish fulfilled as Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are back in the Stanley Cup Final. In the days leading up to Game 1, there is no shortage of storylines. You have the “Can the Sharks finally do it?” angle, the Thornton vs. Kessel angle (commonly referred to […]

NBC should have Mike Tirico call NHL games

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve likely heard by now that ESPN play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico is leaving the network for NBC. Tirico has excelled at calling a wide variety of sports over the past two-plus decades, but what he’s most known for – and the likely reason he’s making this move – is football. […]

It’s time for the New Jersey Devils to go all in on a rebuild

It’s not fair to say the New Jersey Devils are hopeless because no team is truly hopeless. Time corrects the path of all wayward franchises and pushes them back toward relevance. But it might be a while before the Devils are interesting or competitive or good. I won’t call New Jersey boring, but the team ranks […]

The Red Wings are suddenly not a lock for the playoffs

There are a lot of ways to illustrate how impressive the Detroit Red Wings playoff streak is, but I believe one fact stands above the rest. Jaromir Jagr was not in the NHL the last time they missed the playoffs. That miss – in 1990 – was one of two times the Red Wings haven’t […]

Will goaltending hold back the league’s most potent offense?

The Dallas Stars have a problem. By extension, those who have put their hopes on the Stars winning the Stanley Cup as a sort of momentum-starting, change-springing event, eventually leading to teams valuing offense and playing less conservative have a problem. The Stars are the highest-scoring team in the NHL and play a fast-paced entertaining […]

Taking a closer look at the Wild-Avalanche wild card race

Because of three-point games, the salary cap and increased parity, there tends to be a few NHL playoff races that come right down to the wire every year. But this year, even with five weeks to go, most of the playoff picture seems set. Sure, some races aren’t totally decided but does anyone think Carolina, New […]