The full Goon 2 trailer is here and it kind of gives away the whole movie

The first full trailer for Goon 2 is finally here! Hockey fans who are clamoring for the sequel were treated to a quick look a few months back, but the trailer below offers a more complete look at the March sequel.


The trailer below gives away a lot from the movie. If you don’t want plot details, leave now.

If we’re being honest, the first trailer for Goon 2 wasn’t very good. It was heavy on jokes, but it looked like the movie was just trying to up the ante and dial things up to a more ridiculous level from the original. That’s a recipe many sequels follow and it usually results in a bad movie. This trailer is much, much better but it comes at the cost of giving away too many plot details. Sort of all of the details.

The trailer almost contains a full summary of Doug Glatt’s fall and return to grace with the Highlanders. That’s fine and it may help sell the movie to non-hockey fans, but it may ruin any element of surprise for those who have been wanting this movie for years. The target market for Goon 2 may have wanted some surprise. Though this trailer was a strong one, the story may lack some of the emotional punch which made the first film so surprisingly good.

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