Video: The Sabres smack down Alex Burrows

I’m sure Alex Burrows has had better nights than the one he had on Sunday, as he learned that when you rough house with the Sabres, they will rough house back with you twice as hard. The Canucks tough guy battled hard in front of the net with Justin Falk and goalie Robin Lehner. Then after Lehner and Burrows instigated a little something with each other, he got mauled by Lehner, and then by Falk.

Burrows probably earned this one by reputation only, as Lehner and Falk had as much to do with that as Burrows. To be fair, senses are always heightened when Burrows is in front of the net, so I’m not about to blame Lehner and Falk either.

But the refs did, as they awarded the Canucks a power play, which they scored on. Playing hard isn’t necessarily playing smart, kids.