Video: Not Ryan, but six-year-old Ryker Kesler beats Carey Price in shootout

In what might have been the highlight of Saturday’s All-Star Skills competition (though we all know the Pronger check on Bieber was the real highlight), Ryan Kesler sent his son Ryker to face Carey Price one-on-one in the shootout. The result was priceless:

Ryker looks like he’s got an aptitude for this at his young age. Not only for the moves but for the celebration as well. And what a thing to be able to say you beat Carey Price in a shootout. Of course, he’s raised the bar for himself if he pursues this as a career, but pursue it he should.

Best part about this: It was the only goal that the Pacific division scored in the shootout, the final event to decide which division sets the matchups and times. And it was scored by a six-year-old. Awesome.