Video: Antoine Vermette slashes ref, given abuse of official penalty and ejected

What was Antoine Vermette thinking?

The Anaheim Ducks forward slashed an official during tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild. What provoked him? It appeared Vermette didn’t like the way the official dropped the puck, so he gave him a whack with his stick – a big no, no.

For those thinking, “he didn’t hit him that hard,” that won’t fly. The NHL has a zero tolerance policy against any abuse towards officials. Frankly, Vermette slashing a referee is one of the dumbest single actions in a long time. He should know it’s an automatic ejection and penalty. But, instead, he let his anger get the best of him. It’s unacceptable behavior, especially from an NHL vet.

Vermette will surely be suspended for the slash. It’s inexcusable. If he has any issues with reffing, he should have come at the ref with words, not with actions. I hope the slash was worth it because Vermette will surely be suspended and refs will be extra careful when assessing him for future penalties. It’s a foolish, foolish move.

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