This Week in NHL Stupid: Put on a hat, stupid!

Welcome once again to This Week in NHL Stupid, the feature where we track the silly, the ugly and the stupid in the world of hockey.

Now, there’s nothing stupid about the weather in Winnipeg. It’s serious stuff up there. Altitude TV’s Kyle Keefe was sent north to cover the Colorado Avalanche against the Jets. He gave this not so subtle assessment of the climate:

There’s a popular myth that went around years ago that 40-45% of body heat leaves through your head. That was debunked, except for the fact that it all leaves through your head when you’ve covered up everything else except for your head. Then it all leaves through your head because you’re not wearing a hat. So Kyle … hate to say it … but not wearing a hat in Winnipeg is a self imposed death sentence.

I mean, you woke up to this …

… and yet wearing a hat when leaving your hotel room wasn’t part of your thought process? That’s on you.

We’ll stay with television personalities and turn our attention to Tripp Tracy from the Carolina Hurricanes. Tracy, along with the rest of the Carolina Hurricane organization had to improvise on Monday when their game was delayed, then ultimately postponed because of a fault with the cooling system. This, of course, was stupid in itself. Tracy then tried his best to keep the folks entertained by slamming his face into his own birthday cake.

You know what’s stupid about this … Tracy slammed his face into that cake not once but twice. How is there not more cake on that man’s face? Where do you buy your cakes in Raleigh, and is that frosting or lacquer? Good gracious that’s a stupid cake. (Lends to my theory that the more you spend on a cake, the worse it tastes.)

Now for a different kind of stupid, check out Mike Foligno’s fight against Shawn Thornton:

Did you happen to notice Foligno, after his helmet came off, fixing his hair before dropping Thornton? Watch it again, this time with Kevin Weekes of NHL Network going insane