The 5 best hockey fights from Week 4 in the NHL

If you love big fights, you will love this week’s edition of Hockey Fights of the Week. Fighting in the NHL is down in a big way, but the past week served up some awesome moments such as a line brawl and a massive one-punch KO delivered from a youngster to a seasoned veteran.

Some weeks we struggle to pick our favorite five because there aren’t many options. This week wasn’t the case as we could have easily featured 10 instead of our usual five.

Now, on to the fights!

5. Nick Foligno (CBJ) vs Ryan Reaves (STL)

Reaves has drastically reduced how often he fights, but when he drops the mitts … look out. The Blues and Blue Jackets used to have a nice rivalry, but that has dissolved some due to the Jackets shifting East. The scrap above should be a reminder of two things: 1) Reaves is one scary dude and 2) some rivalries don’t die easily.

4. Kevin Bieksa (ANA) vs Kyle Clifford (LA)

The Kings-Ducks rivalry appears to be in full swing based on the four fights which took place in their game at the start of the month. The best was the battle between Bieksa and Clifford. This fight was about as even as they come, but it sure was a joy to watch.

3. Derek Dorsett (VAN) vs Mark Borowiecki (OTT)

This lengthy fight is bookmarked by two awesome moments. It all starts off with a flurry of punches from both players. Then things slow down, but just when it seems like the ending will be uneventful, Borowiecki sends Dorsett flipping.

2. Toronto and Vancouver line brawl

View from the ref cam:

In a game which featured 171 penalty minutes, it was too difficult to narrow things down to just one video. So, we went with two! The ref cam does a great job of showing all of the chaos. We don’t know which team truly “won” all of these fights, so we’ll just say hockey fans as a whole took the victory.

1. Max Domi (ARI) vs Ryan Kesler (ANA)

You’ve probably already watched Domi drop Kesler, but it’s worth watching again. And again. And once more after that. What a punch. This will easily be one of the best fights of the season all because of that one punch.

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