The 5 best hockey fights from Week 10 in the NHL

Fighting is on the rise in 2016-17 (albeit slightly) compared to 2015-16 and that’s a fact many hockey fans will get behind. Thankfully, that rise in quantity has also seemingly brought about a rise in quality.

Enjoy a really strong collection of fights.

5. Joseph Cramarossa (ANA) vs Steve Ott (DET)

Ott loves to stir things up, but he isn’t the best when it comes to actually fighting. This bout isn’t too lopsided, but it’s clear it didn’t go in Ott’s favor. It’s also kind of funny how the two go flying out to the blue line before they get things started.

4. Cody McLeod (COL) vs Chris Thorburn (WPG)

McLeod and Thorburn have one of the most colorful histories of any two NHL players. The bout above is the seventh (yes, seventh) time the two have dropped the mitts dating back to 2012. That’s an insane fighting resume and it’s safe to assume the two will go again if they have the chance.

3. Dylan McIlrath (FLA) vs Kurtis Gabriel (MIN)

Gabriel recently said that he is “trying to hurt them” when he drops the mitts, but he’s been on the losing end of most (if not all) of his fights. McIlrath also fought Chris Stewart in this game, but this was by far his better fight.

2. Jakub Voracek (PHI) vs Gabriel Landeskog (COL)

Landeskog doesn’t fight often, but you’d have no idea based on just this scrap with Voracek. This is a total beating in which Landeskog dominates from start to finish and is able to dish out a ton of mostly unchallenged punches.

1. Luke Gazdic (NJ) vs Chris Neil (OTT)

Gazdic and Neil dropped the mitts back at the beginning of 2015 and they renewed that rivalry again at the end of 2016. This fight might fall into the staged category, but it’s so good that we may be willing to ignore that fact.

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