Jack Edwards mocks Kellyanne Conway and Bowling Green Massacre during Bruins game

Jack Edwards has got jokes.

The Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer was calling the B’s matchup against the San Jose Sharks, when he noted Ryan Carpenter went to Bowling Green University. Referencing recent comments made from Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, Edwards commented that Carpenter somehow survived the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre.

“Three years at Bowling Green, and miraculously, was not killed in the Bowling Green Massacre. Which of course never happened.”

Whether you love or loathe Mr. Edwards, that’s a pretty sharp and funny joke. The Bowling Green Massacre, as Edwards states, never happened. Thus, it’s fair game to poke fun of. Of course, if there was some real massacre, nobody would joke about it, but the inherent ridiculousness of Conway’s comments was just too juicy for Edwards to ignore.

It’s a great harmless joke. Edwards didn’t spout his political opinion or make an ass of himself. He embraced the meme. People should be making light of the comments. Edwards did so in an appropriate and funny manner. Although, I’m sure there’s some who wonder why Edwards had to bring it up at all. Jack is unique, God love him.

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