Hurricanes game postponed as fans are treated to a solitaire game instead

As you might have heard, last night’s Hurricanes game was delayed because the cooling system malfunctioned and made the ice unplayable. It was a crazy situation all around, as fans were wondering what was going on and broadcasters had to resort to putting their faces in birthday cakes to fill time.

But the all timer is when the Canes’ video board decided to broadcast a live game of solitaire to pass the time:

I guess that’s one way to pass the time, if you run out of every other single frame of Carolina Hurricanes entertainment video, and the 2006 Stanley Cup film gets lost. But hey, it perfectly summed up the evening of nutty events. And yes, the game on the scoreboard ended in a victory.

Too bad it wasn’t more participatory for the fans.

Image from TMoss726 on Reddit