Gabriel Landeskog hacks and whacks at Brandon Sutter with multiple slashes

The season for the Colorado Avalanche has been terrible thus far and because of it, some of their star players are starting to show some frustration. Gabriel Landeskog has been in multiple trade rumors this year and if these slashes on Brandon Sutter are any look into his psyche, the guy must be pretty darn frustrated.

While Sutter was about to score with an empty net, these types of slashes are scary and unnecessary. An injury could have occurred here and made Landeskog’s life much worse.

It really puts the Avalanche’s season into a nutshell here – they are fighting like hell to stay relevant. They are can’t win to save their lives and the team on the ice, while talented in some spots, is in the end just flailing around.

The only good news for Avalanche fans after this year is there is only one place they can go from here – up.

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