Dumbass fan yells about pizza during moment of silence for Mike Ilitch

The Columbus Blue Jackets held a moment of silence for late Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch. Instead of standing in silence, one dumbass fan decided to make the sign of respect about him.

During the moment of silence, someone, assumedly drunk, yelled about pizza as the arena was silent in remembrance of Ilitch.

I can’t fathom how dumb you have to be to try to get laughs during a moment of silence. It’s bad enough when you’re at a scary movie and someone tries to yell out loud, but during a moment of silence for someone who died? It’s indefensible. Ilitch was a widely-respected owner – stand and shut up.

As colleague Phillip Bupp mentioned to me, it would probably be better if the NHL held a standing ovation to celebrate Ilitch’s life, instead of a moment of silence. That way, this idiot’s big mouth gets drowned out by applause. It’s terribly unfortunate someone thought to yell about pizza during Ilitch’s moment. It’s clear, he was born without enough brain cells of a shred of common decency.

Let’s hope the fan was identified and he was banned from the arena. That abhorrent behavior shouldn’t be tolerated ever. It’s embarrassing for the Blue Jackets who just tried to remember a pioneer of the game.

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