Chris Pronger checking Justin Bieber provided one of the best pictures in NHL history

Hockey fans are pretty familiar with some of the most iconic photos in NHL history. Bobby Orr flying through the air may lead the pack, but a new contender has emerged from a rather unlikely place – the All-Star Celebrity Shootout.

The game featured plenty of stars, but none larger than Justin Bieber. Bieber looked pretty solid on the ice, but Chris Pronger capitalized on the opportunity to give Bieber a little bump.

And that led to one of the best photos in NHL history, courtesy of the AP. Even Brendan Shanahan was buzzing about it, comparing it to other iconic images.

Just amazing. The angle and the glass make Pronger look like some kind of mythical monster (which he kind of was during his prime) while also making Bieber look tiny.

Definitely the best highlight from All-Star weekend.

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