Avs and Ducks play a 29:48 third period after broken glass causes lengthy delay

Thursday night’s game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Anaheim Ducks was expected to be an average regular season game, but the night turned into a memorable one thanks to a pane of broken glass.

With 9:48 left to play in the second period, a pane of glass was broken near the netting. When the crew brought out a new piece to fix it, they discovered they didn’t have one which fit the required opening.

According to the Avalanche broadcast, a new piece of glass had to be cut in order to fit the opening which ended up causing a lengthy delay. This led to the officials meeting with the coaches and calling for the second intermission to begin even though there was still 9:48 remaining in the period.

The third period would then feature the remaining 9:48, a dry scrape and then the two teams would play the final 20 minutes.

To pass the time during the delay, the two teams had some fun on Twitter while discussing Stranger Things.


You just never know what’s going to happen at a hockey game.

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