Video: ECHL team botches number retirement ceremony, raises banner upside down

If you can’t stand watching people embarrass themselves on a grand scale in public, the video below is not for you. The Fort Wayne Komets of the ECHL held a special ceremony for Colin Chaulk as they prepared to retire his #91 and raise a commemorative banner to the rafters.

There was just one big problem – the banner was upside down. Instead of cutting things short after seeing the mistake, the banner went all the way up … still upside down.

This is so incredibly awkward and embarrassing. It’s likely no one directly involved in the ceremony were responsible for the problem, but it’s crazy no one stepped in and tried to stop the banner from being lifted to the rafters. Instead everyone watched as the mistake was hoisted up high above the crowd.

For what it’s worth, the team fixed the banner during the first intermission.

Chaulk, the player being honored, reportedly laughed off the mistake. Though he was being honored for his accomplishments with the organization, it’s safe to say this blunder will be one of his most memorable moments.

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