Video: ECHL player goes bonkers and tries fighting a player in the penalty box

The ECHL has always been known as a funky league. One moment you’ll see a bone-crunching hit and the next you’ll see a beautiful goal. It is a tad goofy.

When the Colorado Eagles faced off against the Utah Grizzlies, there was no love lost as they had a fight inside of a penalty box. A rare occurrence, only really seen in movies.

Grizzles forward Jon Puskar had some choice words for Eagles defenseman Michael Sdao while the door was still open. Whatever was said must have lit a fuse as Sdao went after him. The fight itself was not very remarkable, but the aftermath wasn’t something that is seen very often.

Sdao ended up getting a three-game suspension for his role in the melee and an undisclosed fine.

Keep doing you ECHL.

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