The Toledo Walleye go the distance with these Rocky Balboa uniforms

Minor League hockey is all about pushing the envelope with fun. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except when the fun hurts your eyes a little bit.

This Saturday, the Toledo Walleye are going to have some fun, and it might hurt your eyes a little bit at first, as they pay homage to Rocky Balboa with these movie themed uniforms that they will wear against Brampton:

That’s certainly fun, and certainly an adjustment to your eyes. The good thing is that they drew inspiration from Balboa’s slender, cut physique from Rocky III rather than the baby fat version from the first movie. Or the sweats he wore when he beat up Tommy Morrison in the fifth movie, which probably should have never existed. If Brampton doesn’t come out in Clubber Lang jerseys, I’ll be highly disappointed.

Also, what if Rocky had advertisements on his shoulders?