Junior Hockey Club plans to celebrate Wildlife Week with Hockey For Harambe

The fanfare over Harambe is finally starting to fade after the depressing incident at the Cincinnati Zoo which took place all the way back in May. In an effort to bring awareness to the plight of the Lowland Gorilla, the Trenton Golden Hawks will hold a #HockeyForHarambe night on October 19th as a part of their Wildlife Week.

The highlight will be the crazy jerseys which feature both the gorilla’s name and face.

The jerseys are absurd and are some of the most unique in the game of hockey. I need to get my hands on one.

While the joke may end up falling flat (every Internet meme has its expiration date), the cause is very, very good. Any money that goes and helps out the Lowland Gorilla is admirable.

If this is what ends up happening to other memes, we should start getting excited for Ken Bone Night.

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