Video: Player in KHL All-Star shootout challenge bribes goalie to let him score

It is getting harder and harder to score in hockey. Many want to shrink the goalie equipment but it looks like a player in the KHL has found the easiest way to get around a goalie is with some cold, hard cash.

Matt Gilroy, a defenseman who used to play for the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning, is now playing for Spartak Moskva and is the player doing the bribing in the video above. Gilroy already has 37 points  on the season as a defenseman. How necessary is it to pay off Igor Bobkov?

In all seriousness, this should make a lot of NHL fans sad that they got rid of their own shootout challenge. It was always fun and it made for a good time. There are very few opportunities to show off a hockey player’s personality and these type of events showcase it.

Let’s hope that the NHL can ratchet up the fun for All-Star weekend and do something as fun as what the KHL did last night.

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