Video: Matt Hendricks blocks a shot in a sensitive area

A lot is made of hockey players and their toughness. It becomes a macho battle between males and the same basic thing is said each time a hockey player comes back from injury quicker than expected.

“No one is tough like a hockey player.”

The refrain can be boring and tiresome as some players are really risking life and limb but for what? A silly little game?

The Comeback set the scene perfectly:

“In the second period, Stars defenseman Alex Goligoski crushed a slap shot, and as the Oilers’ color commentator put it, Hendricks got hit “where you never want to get hit.”

As a lay person, I would have been out 4-6 weeks with a broken private area. I also never wore a cup while playing sports so that would have been a big problem for me as well. Luckily for Hendricks, he was wearing a cup and was nice enough to Tweet out the aftermath.

Ouch. Double ouch. Triple ouch. It doesn’t get much more disturbing than that. I guess the encouraging part is that the equipment did its job? Some could argue that on the karmic scale of the world that Hendricks was due for a bad time after his hit on Aaron Ekblad, but it looks like it wasn’t his turn around the karma carousel. One can never be too safe though and for Hendricks this one move may have saved him weeks of pain.

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