This 90-year-old man still plays hockey three times a week

Every day when you check in on social media or if you pick up your daily newspaper, you are bombarded by terrible news. The news doesn’t discriminate anymore. You may think that it is limited to politics and world events, but even in sports we see news of athletes getting into trouble. It doesn’t make our days any easier when we have to consume this type of info daily.

Luckily, this story isn’t one of those stories. This is a story where you sit back in your chair and take in the beauty of humanity.

A gentleman by the name of Mike Campbell from Cape Breton is still lacing up his skates at the age of 90. I assure you friends that is in fact not a typo. Considering that I have trouble skating as is, it is all the more impressive that Campbell is able to accomplish the task at nearly four times my age.

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The best part about it is the fact that he can still take it to his opponents. Blair Joseph, Campbell’s teammate told CTV:

“He loves the game so much, he always gives 100 per cent. If you go by him, you pay the price with the stick.”

Nothing gets by Mr. Campbell that is for darn sure. When CTV asked him what the key was, he replied and said that he never smoked or drank. The father of 12 still shovels his driveway and takes care of a graveyard every summer.

That doesn’t sound too bad does it? Next time there’s a sports situation getting you down, remember that Mike Campbell is still out playing the game he loves.

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