The Penguins already dented the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup has been through a lot. It has spent time in a swimming pool, it’s been used as an ice cream bowl and it was accidentally lit on fire. Those are just a few of the incredibly ridiculous, yet true stories of the legendary trophy. All hockey fans should take some time to review the history of the Cup. It’s fascinating.

Based on a couple recent pictures, the Penguins have already added to that legend by denting the bottom of the Cup.

See the bottom of the Cup? It’s supposed to be circular, but someone clearly dropped it and dented the base.

Here’s another look:

This isn’t the first time the Cup has been dented/damaged. In fact, it happens pretty regularly which is kind of expected considering the insane victory tour the Cup goes on each year. It’ll be back to its normal non-dented self in no time.

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