Surprise, surprise: Don Cherry thinks Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest is “so very wrong”

You didn’t really think Don Cherry would stay out of the Colin Kaepernick story, did you?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested the U.S. national anthem last week, admitting he was tired of standing up “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” The takes to Kaepernick’s decision were pure fire (and garbage) and Cherry decided to throw his hat into the ring.

In a Twitter post, Cherry called Kaepernick “finished,” mocked comparison’s to Muhammed Ali and wondered why Kaepernick couldn’t have made a similar statement in the Super Bowl.

Regarding the controversy over Colin Kaepernick.  It’s funny how athletes when they know they are finished they all of a sudden take a stand. For instance, the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He knows he’s not going to beat out the 49ers quarterback Gabbert. So all of a sudden he takes a stand on the Star Spangled Banner and not stand up to honour the flag. And believe it or not some people compare him to Muhammed Ali. So very wrong. If you remember, Ali took a stand in the prime of his career and lost 3 good years. If Colin Kaepernick really wanted to make a statement he should have done it during the Super Bowl. And make no mistake he has made things tougher for the organization that has made him millions. Besides, if he feels so strongly about these issues why does he not take the money he’s going to, I was going to say earn, but I will say get, and give it to his causes. “

Cherry’s response is ignorant. You can always count on privileged old white men for the spiciest takes. But, what would you expect from an analyst who’s been actively xenophobic for decades? Kaepernick has every right to protest the anthem, just like Cherry has the right to criticize it. This time, however, he’s gone too far.

Kaepernick didn’t protest because he lost his starting job to Blane Gabbert. It’s a convenient excuse for Cherry to use, but Kaepernick is taking a stand (or a seat) against systemic racism in the United States. He didn’t make a huge declaration or disrespect anyone, he just sat down. His performance has nothing to do with it.

The timing of the incident is also a ridiculous reason to hammer him. So, if you’re against something you should do it in the prime of your career? That makes no sense. Ali did an incredible thing by sacrificing prime years of his career, but, it’s not a requirement by any means. Kaepernick had enough and protested.

Finally, Cherry telling Kaepernick to put his money where his mouth is regarding issues is another deflection from the real issue. Kaepernick having millions of dollars doesn’t mean he doesn’t experience racism or doesn’t have the right to protest. Taking a public stand against the anthem is worth more than any dollar amount. Even still, Kaepernick will ultimately lose money in endorsements or future contracts for standing up. So, yes, he’s putting his career and reputation on the line. I’d say that’s pretty ballsy.

Delete your account, Don.

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