Philadelphia Flyers celebrate 50th anniversary with garbage jerseys

A lot of teams are celebrating their heritage this year, which means lots of jerseys are being unveiled. Some have been good and some have been bad. When the Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their own creation, the consensus was that the jerseys were less than stellar.

I am not sure if they know that they are embracing Penguins’ colors, but this is just a disaster. All of the colors together are a mess.

Here are a few things better than the Flyers’ jerseys:

  • Listening to someone talk about the Colin Kaepernick  “saga” for hours.
  • Driving through downtown New York.
  • Watching someone pick their nose at a gas station when they think no one is looking.
  • Wearing socks with sandals at the beach

The worst part about it is that they apparently went through a lengthy vetting process.

This from a Flyers’ press release:

“Flyers senior management reviewed dozens of jersey prototypes and over 100 logo sketches in preparation for the upcoming anniversary, finally settling on the designs unveiled today.”

Oof. At least they can still use their old jerseys, one of the few iconic sweaters left in the game. These on the other hand should be swiftly thrown in the trash.

(featured image courtesy of Flyers’ video)

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