Awkward: Ryan Johansen and Seth Jones meet up at the airport

Trades happen. They happen all the time. There will be many more trades that happen in this game, but I bet you it will be a long time before the next trade where the two principals in the deal meet up with each other at the airport while they are flying to meet their new teams. It happened in Columbus as Seth Jones flew in to join his new team …

Ran into my good buddy jonesy at the airport last night. 👋

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That wasn’t an awkward conversation at all. How might it have gone?

RJ: So how’s Nashville?

SJ: Awesome. Arnold’s is a great Southern food restaurant, be sure to hit that up. How’s Columbus?

RJ: It’s fine. Don’t get on the coach’s bad side. He’s a little bit loony. Wanna hit up Au Bon Pain?

It was a happy accident for Johansen as because of this chance meeting, he already has an apartment lined up as he will take Jones’ Nashville apartment. Jones wasn’t so lucky, as Johansen shared with a roommate. So Jones has dropped 12 points in the standings, is playing for a coach who is off the rails, and he doesn’t have an apartment. Sometimes, it’s just not your day.