The 5 best hockey fights from Week 7

Fighting has been down around the NHL, but that idea went out the window on November 21st. A total of eight fights took place on Saturday night, resembling the days of old instead of the modern NHL in which fighting is becoming a rare event.

On that note, here are the top-5 fights from Week 7.

5. Micheal Haley (CJ) vs Dalton Prout (CBJ) – Nov. 22

Haley and Prout have a bit of a history and it shows with how this fight developed. The two fought back in 2013 down in the AHL and they renewed their rivalry here. Haley starts out pretty well, but pretty soon Prout has no problem throwing numerous uncontested punches.

4. Luca Sbisa (VAN) vs Anthony Peluso (WPG) – Nov. 18th

If you want to see a guy’s knuckles ripple another player’s cheek, this is the fight for you. Peluso rocks Sbisa in a lopsided affair which is almost hard to watch.

3. Kevin Bieksa (ANH) vs Mike Fisher (NSH) – Nov. 17th

There’s very little room to maneuver here as Fisher and Bieksa do a great job of restraining each other’s arm. It’s easy to call this fight a draw because both players did a really nice job of controlling the engagement, but Fisher may deserve an extra point for a brutal slam at the end.

2. Jacob Trouba (WPG) vs Troy Brouwer (STL) – Nov. 16th

In only his second career fight, Trouba performs well against Brouwer. A lot of punches miss in this scrap, but Trouba has the advantage and lays it on once Brouwer loses his lid.

1. Nicolas Deslauriers (BUF) vs Jamie Oleksiak (DAL) – Nov. 21st

This is an absolute beating. There’s really no other way to put it. Deslauriers is rocked by Oleksiak to the point where you’re almost rooting for the officials to step in and break things up.

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