Report: Ads will be placed on jerseys during the World Cup of Hockey

A report from TSN indicates that various NHL sponsors have been informed that the jerseys during the World Cup of Hockey in 2016 will feature advertisements. Placing the ads on the uniforms during the World Cup would be a trial to determine what the backlash might be should the NHL move forward and place ads on jerseys around the league.

Via TSN:

The NHL has informed sponsors that it will feature about eight categories of sponsorships for the World Cup, selling each for about $1.5 million. To have a corporate logo featured on a team jersey would probably cost about $2 million per team, sources tell TSN. Buying the jersey rights to all eight teams would probably cost about $6 million. Companies such as Honda, McDonald’s and Pepsi who sell in global markets would probably make the most sense for such a partnership.

NHL chief operating officer John Collins told TSN it was premature to say whether the league would sell on-jersey ads. “Our agreement with the IIHF/national federations provides us with all commercial rights to the (World Cup) including jerseys so we have the ability to potentially include a sponsor but have yet to decide whether we will,” Collins wrote in an email.

Long story short, there hasn’t been any confirmation that the NHL will in fact place ads on the jerseys during the World Cup of Hockey, but the speculation is strong enough to make it seem like they will. The idea really isn’t too far-fetched considering the league has reportedly been interested in placing ads on NHL uniforms for quite some time. However, that report has been met with comments from the league which state the NHL doesn’t intend to be the first major league in North America to litter uniforms with ads.

Ads are coming to uniforms. It’s a matter of when as opposed to if. Other leagues proven that advertising on uniforms can be a lucrative source of revenue with relatively minimal effort. Just ask professional soccer, the AHL or even the ECHL. The patch or ad will likely be a small square or rectangle which sits above and to the left or right of the team’s crest. Not too obtrusive, but enough to be noticed.

Still doubting that the NHL will place ads on uniforms despite fan backlash? When have you ever heard of the NHL turning away a guaranteed profit?

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