Ovechkin says he’d play in Montreal if he wasn’t with Washington

Alex Ovechkin has repeatedly stated that he’s happy with the Washington Capitals and has no desire to play for another team. The topic has come up several times, but Ovechkin has continually pledged his allegiance to the Caps.

Still … it’s fun to wonder where Ovechkin would want to play if he wasn’t with the Capitals. That’s exactly what ESPN asked of the star forward and he surprisingly, he answered.

Later, during the interview, I asked — hypothetically speaking, just for fun, if he ever had to play for another team, would it be the Montreal Canadiens?

“Yeah, probably, if I would have a choice,” Ovechkin said. “The culture, the atmosphere, the city . . . If I wasn’t in Washington? Yes, here.”

But, he stressed, he doesn’t plan on ever playing for a team other than the Washington Capitals.

The Capitals have Ovechkin locked up through 2020-21 and barring some sort of shocking trade, it looks like Ovie will be playing with the Caps for the foreseeable future.

Ovechkin skating in Montreal would certainly be interesting. Can you imagine the media scrutiny he would have received a couple years ago when he was failing to put up his usual numbers? It’d make the Phil Kessel situation in Toronto look tame.

Ovechkin has been with the Caps for the duration of his NHL career. Considering how rare it is to see a player stick with one team for their entire career, don’t rule out Ovechkin pulling on a different sweater at some point before he hangs up his skates.

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