Oilers goal overturned after phantom goalie interference, NHL setting dangerous precedent

The addition of the coach’s challenge was supposed to eliminate goals which were scored while the play was offside or when the goaltender was clearly interfered with during the play. Unfortunately, the early returns have been pretty mixed and the latest play in the Oilers-Flames game illustrates the dangerous road the NHL is traveling down.

The Oilers appeared to have a clean goal and the officials indicated as much on the ice. The Flames challenged and the call was overturned because of contact with the goaltender.


Karri Ramo is lightly touched prior to the puck being shot, but the contact in no way limited his ability to follow the shot or attempt to save it. This should have been a good goal. While some contact was there which falls into the definition of an overturned goal, some common sense needs to be used as well.

Did this prevent Ramo from making the save? That’s the first question which should be asked and the answer is an obvious one: No.

The NHL needs to be careful as this precedent could prove troubling. Fans who remember the infamous “skate in the crease” rule will know that a rule such as the goalie interference via video review could result in more negative light on the NHL. The instance above takes credibility away from a system which was supposed to be put in place to improve the game and not take away from it.

(Via Reddit Hockey)

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