AHL revamps their All-Star Game format, is it better than the NHL’s?

When talking about an exhibition game, you need to take any and all seriousness out of the tone you may be carrying. The All-Star Game is something that isn’t really for adults but rather more for the kids who aspire to grow up and become an NHL player. So, when the AHL announced the new format for their All-Star Game, it is understandable that I reverted back to my younger years if only for a second.

I have to admit that I prefer this version over the version that they are going to be using for the NHL. As it stands, the shorter format guarantees a fun, short-lived game which will allow the players to be more refreshed. The NHL is demanding the 20-minute period which doesn’t seem like the best idea when you consider many use this as a time to rest up more than anything else. I think you would have better participation and a more competitive format if you adopt the AHL’s new format.

The problem then becomes the TV spots that need to be filled. This format could end up being a mess if they ever moved it up to the NHL. That is why for now it is best to use the AHL as a testing ground for these types of things and make sure the possibility is at least viable down the road. It is seeming less and less likely that we will even have the mid-season exhibition in the future, so for now let us at least enjoy the sheer fun we get with this brand new format.

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