Video: Kevin Poulin robs Alexander Steen

The New York Islanders are probably still steaming after the NHL overturned what looked like a perfectly fine goal from Thomas Vanek. Ultimately, Vanek's OT goal wasn't counted because the NHL believed he kicked it and the Islanders went on to lose in a shootout.

While this is one game Isles fans probably want to forget, there was one incredible moment from Kevin Poulin. The goaltender played extremely well throughout the game, making some truly unbelievable saves. This one on Alexander Steen was the best of the bunch.

Incredible save. With some help from his posts, Poulin robbed the Blues of maybe four or five goals as the Islanders clung to a narrow lead. Granted, they later fell in a shootout, but Poulin's effort between the pipes was extraordinary. 

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