Tomas Hertl has an opinion on Don Cherry

Very few people south of the Canadian border hold Don Cherry in high esteem; most people that I know north of it just kind of tolerate him because he’s been on TV for 700 years and is an institution. His clothing choices are questionable, but his comments on European hockey players may be worse. If you look up “jingoistic” or “xenophobic” in the dictionary, both entries direct you to “see: Cherry, Don.”

When San Jose Sharks forward Tomas Hertl scored these four goals against the New York Rangers at the start of the season, Don had words for the young rookie.

There’s been a lot said about a lot of things, but let me say something: If the score [had] been 1-1, I would have said ‘Hey, what a goal!’ But I want you people out there to think about this: I want you think if Martin Biron was your son or your brother in an 8-2 [game], and everybody’s laughing at him.

“How would you like it if it was your brother or your son or your dad or anything like that? To do that, and then laugh at him, and I look at it like that… and you know, I look at it like that, and if it was OK, then why did [coach Todd McLellan] keep him on the bench?

“I’m going to say something about the kid. He didn’t think he did anything wrong. He played in the Czech Republic last year. This is what they do. You can see him laughing at it. He didn’t understand. And kids, you don’t do that.”

In summary, “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF MARTIN BIRON’S RELATIVES??” and “Stupid Czech kids don’t know no better.” Apparently you should not try to score as many goals as possible in a game.

Well, Hertl was finally asked about Cherry in an interview, and his response is gold – not that you would expect any less from Hertl. has the English translation:

Would you do that again? (his famous move during his 4 goal night)

Of course I would! It would be making fun of somebody if I went to their bench and shouted something at them. But this? Afterall it was only Cherry who was really occupied with this thing and we all know he does not like Europeans. If you look closer who scores beautiful goals like that, it is mosty European players like Datsyuk and Forsberg. He as a Canadian does not like them, his reputation is built on that.

Have you ever met him?

No. I do not even want to. They would stab me in Canada if I said something against him. My teammates watch him all the time even though he says bullshit about players.  I leave the room when I see him on TV. And his clothes…

I for one am disappointed in Hertl. How can you not elaborate on what you think of his clothes?


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