The 10 best responses from Mark Messier’s interview on Reddit

Mark Messier took to the hockey section of Reddit on Thursday and answered a series of questions from users. As you might expect from an interview (or Ask Me Anything – AMA) on Reddit, the questions took on many shapes and forms. Messier stood in and provided a ton of interesting and even insightful comments. 

Here are 10 responses we thought stood out from the others:

Hi Mark, Do you have a life-time supply of Lays potato chips in your garage?

I need you to negotiate my next contract.

(Question is referencing this old Lays ad.)

Who was the craziest goalie you ever shared a locker room with?

A guy named Ax Smith. Used to wear thirteen pairs of socks in his skates and showered between every period. loved the guy.

(More info on Ax Smith. Trust us, it's worth your time.)

What things, if any, do you wish you could have done differently during your time with Vancouver?

Rebuilding a team is never easy. If I changed one thing i would have not accepted the captaincy from Trevor.

(Probably the most fascinating answer from this entire AMA.)

The jersey tuck rule, what do you think about it? Also, do you believe the puck over the glass penalty should be modified or removed?

I like the jersey tuck rule although it may have been tough to get gretz's sweater untucked. the problem everybody takes it to another level and soon we had jersey's tucked all the way into the pants. good question on the glass rule. i like that it forces players to make a play instead of getting a cheap whistle when under pressure. overall i like it. would be a tough way to lose a playoff game but same for everybody.

Before game 6 of the 1994 conference finals, the NY Post quoted you as saying, "We'll win tonight!" Was that quote taken out of context, or were you really that confident?

I was confident we could win that game and wanted my teammates to know i was confident. didnt mean it to be bulletin board material for the devils. slight oversight LOL.

(Messier may not use proper capitalization or punctuation, but he says LOL. Fascinating.)

What would you consider the worst change in the NHL since the beginning of your career? What would you consider the best?

Tough question. I really liked the off setting penalties in the 80's. highest scoring era in history. More of the game is played with fewer players on the ice. The three on three's were incredibly exciting. imagine crosby, malkin and letang going against toews kane and keith.

What did you have for lunch today? and if you drink soda (not everyone does) what would you say is your favorite soda?

Soup and salad. i dont drink soda.

(You can sleep at night now that you know Messier isn't a soda guy.)

Mark, why do you always cry when you give out speeches?

Hahhahahha good question. took me five years to be able to talk about anything about my career without filling up with emotion and gratitude.

(Great question!)

What is your view on NHL player involvement in the Olympic games?

I am 50-50. love the calibre of hockey for sure. always loved the stories of the amateurs holding down two jobs and training to play in the olympics. to me, that was what made the olympics. the human interest stories.

Do you feel the rule changes that have taken place over the last decade have been helpful toward the sport as a whole or detrimental?

Overall, i think the changes have been positive. The game has evolved over the last 100 years and will continue to. We have to be smart enough to understand change will be required to make sure we keep the integrity and history in place, but make the changes required to keep the game safe, exciting, and entertaining for the fans.

(Photo courtesy of NYPost)

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