Scott Hartnell swings his stick at LA’s bench, punches Martin Jones

Things got heated between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Los Angeles Kings in a hurry in their game on Sunday afternoon. Just a few minutes into the first period, tempers boiled over. Jordan Nolan reached over the boards and nudged Scott Hartnell with his stick. Hartnell wasn’t exactly pleased and swung his stick towards LA’s bench, knocking Nolan’s stick out of the way and earning himself some time in the penalty box.

Hartnell appeared to be just trying to knock Nolan’s stick out of the way and not trying to injure or hit anyone, but his swing was reckless and deserving of a two-minute penalty.

That wasn’t the only incident in the 5-2 win by the Kings that had fans talking. Later, Hartnell was checked into LA’s bench. While he was leaning over the boards, Hartnell lunged forward and punched backup goaltender Martin Jones.

Here’s the GIF, via Reddit Hockey:

Who punches a backup goalie while he’s on the bench? Even if Jones was mouthing off to Hartnell, the Blue Jackets forward needs to exercise some self control. The incident with Nolan is at least understandable as Nolan was definitely provoking, but there’s no reach to reach over and punch someone on the bench.

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