Report: Edmonton Oilers open to trading David Perron

The Edmonton Oilers are once again in the basement of the NHL. With just over 20 games complete on the Edmonton schedule, it’s already clear that the team is not a contender and will once be open to trading their assets. Usually you won’t see any major deals until the league draws closer to its trade deadline in March, but reports suggest Edmonton may be willing to part with 26-year-old David Perron.

The report above suggests Edmonton wants a top center in return for winger Perron. That may be a tough price for a team looking to add a winger who has struggled so far in 2014-15.

Perron scored 28 times in 2013-14, but his pace has dropped in 2014-15, scoring just twice through 21 games. Perron’s play has been extremely disappointing coming off a season which looked like he had all of the pieces together and was on his way to becoming one of the more dynamic skaters in the NHL.

The Oilers’ slide (can we really call it that?) has created plenty of trade rumors, but the Perron report seems to have a little bit more substance. Ironically, Perron himself said that things need to change.


“Something has to change. When you are making those mistakes, something needs to happen. They are the same mistakes we were doing last year. We keep talking about how much better we are this year, but for me it is the same record now that we had last year. It is not better.

It is pretty frustrating.”

One of those changes may involve Perron.

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