Pierre McGuire rumored to be leader for Penguins GM job, Twitter explodes

Pierre McGuire has been linked to the GM job for the Pittsburgh Penguins for the better portion of the last couple of weeks. In fact, he was rumored to be connected to other GM positions in the past as well, but these rumors appear to have more evidence behind them than the ones from a few years back.

The story goes that McGuire was brought in for an interview for the position, which immediately started a debate about whether or not he’d excel in the role. He obviously knows his hockey, especially at the amateur level as he loves to remind us each and every broadcast, but acting as a GM is an entirely different gig.

The latest rumor, and it’s important to note it’s just a rumor/report, is that McGuire may be the leading candidate for the Penguins GM job.

As you might expect, Twitter erupted. Penguins fans weren’t too pleased and other hockey fans took a moment to laugh at the situation.






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