Parise, Suter concerned about safety during Sochi Olympics

Earlier this week, there were reports of possible "black widow," suicide bombers sneaking into Russia. [ CNN ]

One Yahoo! expert , in a chiling article, said it is not " If, but when." [Yahoo]

On this subject, a few athletes have already told their families not to come to the games. And now, the StarTribune in Minnesota reports that Zach Parise and Ryan Suter's families will not be attending. [StarTribune]

Parise's quotes were especially interesting:

“I’m actually really concerned about it,” Parise wrote in an e-mail to the Star Tribune. “I know they say they have evacuation stuff for us and all, but you just never know. I guess you have to wonder at what point does someone say it isn’t a good idea for us to go.”

With the games scheduled to start in less than three weeks, you almost wonder if the NHL is going to monitor this situation a little closer, but there probably is no way to stop players from going. As exciting as these games will be, the biggest win for any nation's hockey team might just be getting back home safe.