NHL and referees are negotiating a new CBA

Something that slipped under the radar over the summer was that the CBA for NHL officials expired. Now meeting to ensure a new CBA is in place for the start of the new season.

The story, via Scouting the Refs seems to paint an optimistic picture. However, as noted in the story, negotiations lasted up until three days of the season in 2010.

FWIW, according to Scouting the Refs, officials and linesman make the following:

Based on the data below, adjusted for inflation from the time reported, estimated NHL officials’ annual salaries are:

NHL Referees: $130k – $325k

NHL Linesmen: $85k – $200k

* The NHL and NHLOA are currently negogiating a new CBA, effective for 2014-15, which may impact officials’ salaries.

A deal will most likely get done here, but it will be something that needs to be watched for sure.

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