Jets preparing for a grueling training camp

The Winnipeg Jets are facing an uphill climb in the Central Division. After finishing at the bottom of the Central in 2013-14 and after watching their divisional foes improve around them this summer, the Jets know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work to make the playoffs in 2014-15. As a result, head coach Paul Maurice is preparing an extremely difficult training camp for his players.

As seen in the Winnipeg Sun, the Jets are aware of the grueling training camp which is waiting for them.

Bryan Little:

“I know camp is going to be hard. He said it was going to be hard. I expect there to be a lot of skating and on-ice conditioning. More than usual. I can’t imagine he’s going to take it over the top where guys might get hurt. But I imagine he’s going to make sure everyone’s in game shape when the season starts.”

Chris Thorburn:

“I assume it’s going to be a little tougher. So the nerves are there, the excitement is there… hoping all that summer training pays off. Probably for me, a guy that thinks a lot, it’s better not knowing. They just catch me by surprise and hopefully by the time I realize how tough it is, it’s over.”

What’s in store for the Jets? Probably nothing too severe. Camp may be a bit more difficult compared to what Jets players saw last season or what players experienced in the minors, but it’s not going to be extreme. Maurice won’t risk an injury just to prove a point.

Will a tougher training camp prepare the Jets physically, but more importantly mentally, for the season ahead? We’ll soon find out.

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