Jaromir Jagr has some interesting comments regarding safety at the Olympics

Jaromir Jagr had some rather interesting comments regarding safety at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In an interview seen on Sovetsky Sport and later translated on Puck Daddy, Jagr was questioned about the safety of foreigners in Sochi and how safe he felt living in Russia for four years. 

Jagr's response was … something.

Afraid-afraid… If you are destined to drown, you won’t be blown up in Sochi. Everyone has his own destiny. 


We understand Jagr's general line of thinking (everything happens for a reason – fate), but his way of wording it with the bizarre drowning analogy is still pretty puzzling. 

Jagr's comments would have been noteworthy enough as is, but he went on for another few paragraphs. 

Of course, terrorists will want to commit their acts in such a popular place. The entire world will have their eyes on Sochi, and the media will immediately write about it. Every single Olympics or a world championships is at risk – and it doesn’t matter where it is taking place: in Russia, USA or other countries.

But I am certain that Vladimir Putin and your security forces will do everything possible to ensure safety. Not only because this is your first Olympics since 1980. It’s just Russians are very proud of their country and they don’t want to be embarrassed.

For God’s sake, anything can happen anywhere. Who saw it coming right before Salt Lake City that on September 11, 2001, two planes will hit the twin towers in New York? Terrorism is very difficult to stop, because these people are not afraid to die. They want to die to draw attention to themselves. But I believe that Russians will do their job well.

Well, at least one person is confident in Russia's ability to keep the Olympics safe. It's also interesting seeing Jagr's views on life and philosophy. He clearly falls in the "go with the flow" ideology. 

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