Hockey Fights of the Week: 12/30 – 1/5

Welcome to another installment of Hockey Fights of the Week. We hope you had a great holiday season. Now it's time to start 2014 with a bang. There weren't too many altercations to highlight since we last convened, but there were a couple which left the hockey world buzzing.

5. James Wright (WIN) vs Matt Fraser (BOS) – Jan 4

We'll be honest: This fight isn't spectacular. That's not saying it's bad, but unfortunately it looks mediocre when you compare it to the #2 and #1 fights on this week's list. 

With that being said, Wright emerges as the victor and throws some wild punches near the end of this one. 

4. Mark Stuart (WIN) vs Adam McQuaid (BOS) – Jan 4

Sticking with the Winnipeg-Boston game, Stuart and McQuaid engaged in a bout which ranks just a bit higher than the Wright-Fraser fight above. 

McQuaid wins this one due to the fact he has a firm grip on Stuart which limits the Jet to just a few rather weak punches. 

3. Andrew Desjardins (SJ) vs Maxime Talbot (COL) – Jan 4

Wow. Desjardins crushes Talbot in this one with a couple of punches which almost knocked the Colorado forward out of his skates. You almost feel sorry for Talbot, but at the same time you have to marvel at what might be the best fight of Desjardins' career. 

2. Travis Moen (MON) vs Antoine Roussel (DAL) – Jan 2

Why do the most intense and most exciting fights always seem to involve a member of the Dallas Stars? 

Here Roussel tangles with Moen and comes out on the losing end of an outstanding battle. The only thing about this fight which leaves a little bit to be desired is the camera work. 

1. Jay Rosehill (PHI) vs Paul Bissonnette (PHX) – Jan 4

Can you tell that Rosehill and Bissonnette have a bit of a history? The two scrapped in the AHL back in March of 2009 and in the NHL in September of the same year. Was their third fight "the charm" as the saying goes? You better believe it. 

We want to give the win to Rosehill, but this fight is so awesome that we'd feel guilty labeling this one as anything other than a draw. 

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