Hockey Fights of the Week: 1/6 – 1/12

Are you ready for an awesome installment of Hockey Fights of the Week? Of course you are. We usually try to promote each article as being better than the one preceding it, but this time we're delivering an incredible batch of fights. Two of these may be in the discussion for fight of the year. 

Get ready – this is a good one. 

5. Adam McQuaid (BOS) vs Kyle Clifford (LA) – Jan 9

McQuaid makes his weekly appearance in the fifth spot this week. It seems like we discuss the big man from Boston on a regular basis and usually it's in a lopsided bout. Here things are a bit more even with Clifford. 

Not a great fight by any means, but that's why it's in the #5 spot. 

4. B.J. Crombeen (TB) vs Chris Thorburn (WIN) – Jan 7

Who do you think wins this one? Thorburn may have thrown more punches, but the majority of them appeared to strike the back of Crombeen's helmet. 

Give credit to the officials for letting this one run its course. 

3. Brandon Prust (MON) vs Zac Rinaldo (PHI) – Jan 8

You may have had a difficult time determining the winner in the previous two fights. That's not the case in this one. Rinaldo has had some good fights over the course of his career but this isn't one of them. Prust may have spun Rinaldo more than he punches him, but he's the victor because he actually landed a few blows. 

2. Colin Greening (OTT) vs Eric Nystrom (NSH) – Jan 11

Those first three fights were appetizers. Now it's time for the main course and the dessert. This bout between Greening and Nystrom is outstanding. Greening does a nice job dodging some of Nystrom's punches, but in the end it's the Predator who comes out on top. 

1. Colton Orr (TOR) vs John Erskine (WAS) – Jan 10

Orr could have been named the Most Entertaining Fights of 2012-13. This year he's been a bit more subdued, but this week he's back in the top spot. Unfortunately for Orr, he's in the top spot because he absorbed an absolute beating. Erskine is extremely impressive, pummeling Orr with flailing punches which make his arms look like Stretch Armstrong. 

We have a feeling you'll be seeing this fight again at the end of the year. 

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The 15 best hockey fights from 2012-13.

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