Devils GM squashes Ilya Kovalchuk rumors

Have you heard the new batch of rumors swirling around Ilya Kovalchuk? Summarized, it reconnects the New Jersey Devils with Kovalchuk in the very near future. The odds are extremely poor that it would ever happen, but that hasn’t prevented the rumors from persisting.

Kovalchuk returning for the 2014-15 season is basically impossible and would require the consent of all of the other NHL teams. The complete list of what would need to happen for a Kovalchuk return is lengthy and should eliminate the discussion.

In case you’re still clinging to some hope, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello stomped on all of the speculation.

That should at least quiet things down for the upcoming season, but it’s safe to bet these rumors will rise again as long as Kovalchuk is in professional hockey.

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