Avalanche will likely host an outdoor game in 2015-16

The dust is still settling on the 2013-14 playoffs and the attention has already shifted to the NHL’s 2014-15 schedule. Specifically, teams and fans are interested in learning where the league will host its next wave of outdoor contests. Colorado has been a city linked to an outdoor game, but the NHL hasn’t made anything official.

Here’s the good news: Colorado will play an outdoor game in the near future.
Here’s the bad news: They’re probably going to have to wait until 2015-16.

A report from the Denver Post states that Colorado will host an outdoor game, but 2015-16 is much more likely than 2014-15. The report doesn’t mention whether the Avalanche will host the Winter Classic or a Stadium Series game, but it does detail that the game would take place at Coors Field.

The venue and date are far from set in stone, but it makes a lot of sense for Coors – one of the NHL’s biggest sponsors – to finally host a game. The Avalanche are also a perfect choice to host a major event on the heels of their extremely successful and extremely surprising 2013-14 campaign.

Stay tuned, Avs fans. An outdoor game is coming, but it’s just not clear when that outdoor game will take place.

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